Week 10

My own evaluation is, my blog is pretty bland, I don´t post post as much as I would like, or need too, and I use too many commas. As for the challenge, it´s a very good idea. I never thought about all of this stuff until the challenges, it was very fun idea and I hope the do it again soon.

I have wrote 8 posts, which means i´m missing one. We have done no schools posts. I have ONE post! And that´s from the teacher!:,( Anyway, the post that had the 1 comment was online Vs. offline, and that was the post I enjoyed the most, because it was pretty fun for no reason. i don´t know. not enough widgets. idk and idk.

Our universe

Our Universe is big… REAL big, i´m talking 92 billion light years big! If you don´t know how far a light year is, ill tell ya. A light year is the distance light, the fastest moving thing in the universe, travels in one Earth year, and it only takes five minuets to light from our sun to get to earth, now that is fast, and big! How did the universe get this big, you ask? well, we don´t exactly know, but our leading explanation is the big bang theory. No, not the TV show on CBS, the actual theory. the theory is that, out of no-ware, a huge, cataclysmic explosion went off and creating everything we know and love today out of everything on the periodic table. And it hasn’t stopped since, in fact, its getting faster, at 68 km/s, or 68 kilometers per second, imagine a car going that fast! OK, so now we learn about black holes! A black hole is made when a star gets older, and older, and denser and, denser it collapses on itself and can either make a black hole, or a white dwarf. Then there are consolations, consolations do not form on purpose, we just found patterns in the sky and named them. I know that doesnt sound so interesting, but it his, I ensure you, it is. there are hundreds upon thousands of consolations, like Orion’s belt, or the most common one, the big dipper. Most of them come from Greek mythology, Orion´s belt is a story about Orion chasing 3 beautiful women, and hes getting closer, so the stars are too! The Romans ripped off Greek mythology, and named there version of the gods after our planets, for example Mars is the god of war, Ares in Greek, son of Jupiter, god of the sky and Juno, the god of marriage, (her name is not a planet) or Zeus and Hera.


Pizza was invented by Raffeale Esposito in Naples. His creation was immediately a favorite, Raffeale named it pizza for the visit of King Umberto and Queen Margherita of Italy. Pizza is made by spreading the dough on a oven-safe pan          (Pizza does not have to be a circle, it can be any shape you want, but some people not might not except it.) Then you pour the sauce over it. you want to only pore the sauce on the inside, leave an inch for the crust. Next is the cheese, the cheese that most people use is Mozzarella, Provolone, Cheddar, and Parmesan. Now, the toppings can be anything you want, like meat lovers, witch is all the meat or vegans, witch is all veggies. then you put the oven on 450 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes, if its a frozen pizza. The best pizza, in my opinion, is Casey pizza. the dough is perfect and is rarely under or over cooked, the toppings are fresh and the cheese and sauce are delicious. My favorite type of pizza is meat lovers, witch has all the meats they have. My second is supreme, witch has all the normal toppings, no pineapple or tomato, but most veggies and all the meat.

Family Reunion


Although this is not my family, it looks an awful lot like them and reminds me of them as well. It reminds me about how big my family is and how awesome they are. My favorite family memory is the last family reunion in some park in Sioux City somewhere. We all had Corn huskers jerseys on and played football for days (not literally). We even took a picture with everybody on it, just like this one, but it was  A LOT bigger, and of course had a lot of red in it too, because of all the jerseys, so it was hard to pick out one person. there was a lot of good food that everybody brought, so in some ways it was a potluck too. I got to see my cousins that I hardly ever see or even herd of. It was a lot of fun right up until the end when we had to leave because of another reservation.

Speak up!

If its one thing that really gets on my nerves,  its animal abuse. People think that there SO courageous, and tough because they hurt things that cant defend themselves! Well there not, if you beat on a little puppies or cats and other little things its just cruel, and if you think otherwise than you should go to jail just by thinking it. Well, not ¨jail¨ but you WILL be frowned upon! Same with bullying if your big and strong and get all the girls, everybody thinks your a pretty good guy, But more likely than not, they aren’t. Most of the time there the worst kind of bullies, the ones that think there better than anyone else, and if anyone objects, than they get the living crap beaten out of them. I know i´m getting of the topic, so here we go. Then there’s the commercials, the ones that practically make you cry as if you were watching the Titanic, there SO sad! if you ever watched one of those you would want to go adopt them right now, and that’s just wrong. I know that its all about giving the animals the house they deserve, and if its not that then there just selling them for money. Nothing else. Then there’s the people the that ask the people for charity, the beggars. The beggars are the worst of them all, all they do is ask and ask and ask, then when they got all they want all they do is spend the money for themselves, not the animals. and that’s just as bad as the abusers. if you really loved animals then you would want to help them and give them all you possibly can! And if you are, than you are a VERY good guy, or gal. That is all.

Online Vs. Offline

When i´m online i´m a totality different person. For starters, if i lose or get really mad, i ¨rage¨ and and usually cause pain to me, someone else or break something. When with my friends, a usually hurt them but not for that reason. and in school (depends who im with) im usually quiet and i dont cuss (as much).

About Me

My name is Jacob R. Schroeder. the R is my fathers name, Russel. I like to play on my Xbox 360 and hangout with my friends. my favorite sport is Football but I also like to play basketball. My favorite food is Belgium waffles and my favorite color is Green and Purple. my Grandfather, my father and I were all born in June, but they were both born on fathers day and i was born on the 20th.